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Hello! This page contains all characters I currently have for sale. If you're iterested in buying one of them please read my ToS and contact me via e-mail!

Terms of service

• Payment in PLN or EUR via Paypal invoice.

• You have to pay full price to claim a character as yours. Please do not send me any money before I confirm availability!!

• You have to credit me for character design if asked, you may not claim it as your own.

• You can trade/gift the design freely.

• Do not resell the character ealier than 3 month after initial purchase.

• Do not edit my artwork or use it for prints/merch. You are allowed to sell prints, merch, etc. with your art of the character.

• You can make any changes to the design you want.

• I may use the artwork I made for my portfolio.

How to claim
To claim you can contact me trhough, after the payment I will transfer character to you!
If you don't have account please send me a direct message on Twitter, Mastodon or DeviantArt or send me an email to claim a chracter. After the payment I will remove it from


Available characters
>>Browse available characters here <<

Anna Abramek

Illustrator & Concept Artist