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Commissions (CLOSED)

Hello there, and welcome to my commissions page! I will draw your orginal characters, you or your friends in one of the styles shown below! Please check examples of artwork, prices and terms below here and contect me via e-mail: to place your request :)

Terms of service

• You need to provide all necessary visual references for the character designs.

• You may request small changes after each significant stage of work twice. Additional changes or corrections inadequate to the stage will result in additional fee of 20 €.

• Commissions are for personal use only. You may not use the commissioned artwork to sell on products, prints or use it continuously for social media promotions/videos. If you interested in using my art commercialy state it in the first e-mail and we'll discuss the prices.

• You may crop or resize the commissioned artwork, but you're not allowed to edit the art.

• You can post the artwork on your social media or use as an icon as long as you credit me by name and link/tag in the post or description.

• Payment in PLN or EUR via Paypal invoice.

• You have to pay full price up-front. If your commission exceed value of 100 EUR you may pay 50% upfront and pay rest before finishing.

• I keep the right to post the finished commission on my social media channels. You can request me to not show it and I will respect it as long as you respect the terms of service.

• I reserve the right to refuse taking the commission request for whatever reason.

• Commissions are non-refundable.


Please include information on what type of commission you want, short description and references.


Portrait illustartion of you or your character with simple background of your choice. You can use it as a profile picture on social media.

35 EUR

Character illustartion

A full-body drawign of you or your character(s) with flat or gradient background. Price includes any props and are given per character.

50 EUR - chibi, pet or feral character
70 EUR - regular proportions humanoid or very complex design feral character

Simple illustartion

Illustartion of your character(s) with a simple to medium complexity background.

150 EUR - illustartion with one character
200+ EUR - illustartion with more characters

Anna Abramek

Illustrator & Concept Artist