Anna Abramek

About me


My name is Anna and I am a digital artist from Poland. I've been drawing all my life and doing digital art since 2011. I love creating slice of life illustarions, drawing cute creatures and original characters.

My favourite things besides art are winter, penguins, tea and crafts.

If you want to see more of my art you can follow me on one of my social media (I'm most active on mastodon!):


drawing of me
drawing of me


If you want to chat or have a question about my art/projects please message me on one of my social media!

For commissions and business inquiries please check this page.

Current tools:

Krita (both desktop/Android, main)

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8 (main)

Clip Studio Paint ver.1

Wacom Bamboo 3 Fun Pen & Touch S

Wacom Intuos Pro L

Projects I worked on:

This list is work in progress. Check back later!