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Bike Ride - July Illustration

27 Jul 2023

This post was originally published for Patrons on 22.07.2023


I hope you are doing well this month <3 I was able to finally finish July illustration today! I hoped to do it earlier but packing and cleaning before I move got in the way… I also really struggled with this theme.

I thought I had a clear idea of what I want to draw for it (a seaside scene inspired by ‘From Up On Poppy Hill’) but then I kept changing my mind and redrawing the entire thing. I’m glad I did this though, I’m very happy with the final result and I think it’s much more interesting then the first drawing :D I hope you agree and like it too!!

Here are some sketches/WIPs. First I tried to put the bike rider in a ‘background focused’ scene:

But I switched to close ups on the character, I wanted to show them enjoying the ride instead of a landscape if that makes sense.

The bird in the bushes is Raróg (a fire demon from slavic mythology). I like the concept of putting a slavic creature in modern setting but this sketch just feels off.

At some point I was sketching with a pencil in my sketchbook and after drawing other stuff I spontaneously decided to draw a goblin on a bike. And I really liked the sketch (finally!) so I edited in on my tablet and worked from there.

This is the most convoluted process of any of the Patreon illustrations so far, hopefully it was interesting to you to see it :)

And here’s the finished illustration:

Have a nice rest of the week,

Anna ☃️

Sketchbook Tour - February 2023

13 Jun 2023

This post was originally published for Patrons on 4.03.2023

Hello! The spring is halfway here, there are a lot of warm days and it makes me happy to see all the flowers and animals come back! n_n

I feel like I didn’t draw as much last month, even though I made more illustartions than ususal ^^’ Maybe it’s because I was doing a lot of different things and it feel distant already? I started this month with sketching new characters, I relly like designign them and I ended up with two designs I like a lot. The first one is based on a mountain goat.

The other one is a catgirl, I made her just so I can draw some fun clothes ^-^ Here is the first colour sketch vs finished design

I did a few illustartions of her that I’m going to post later, but after that I spent most of my stime studying and reopening my online store with stickers :D I also made my first ever short video to show off the holo effect on them! I spent so much time figuring out where to find music for it, since most music I have collected doesn’t relly work in this format. After a few days I found a reddit thread where someone explained that you can get a shorts license for copyrighted music when you use youtube mobile app… I didn’t even think to check their app :’) I’ll give it a try next time I want to show something haha

(I have no idea how to add a video to a post so if you want to check it out here’s a link: )

I also took out my small marker sketchbook and did a few small brush pen and alcohol marker drawings in it. I think I never showed this sketchbook so I took photos of all pages for you ^^

As you can see from the dates I had this sketchbook for a while. It’s okay for markers so I use it only when I want to play with colouring rather than for regular sketches.

The next two are fanarts of two stim toys I had. They were so squishy and fun (and smelled nice), but unfortuantely I broke both of them pretty quick q_q Hence the prosthetic fin… I still have both but you can’t tell what they were xD Well here is how they looked brand new in March 2021:

And here is art of the foam squishies:

Pansies, one of my favourite types of flowers:

Petra (designed by @LovelyBugsieART on Twitter)

And a series of eeveelutions ^^ I only did four of them but maybe I will draw the rest of them someday. I also really liked the first one and I did a redraw digitally so I can print is as a sticker :D

And finally the most recent sketches, the character from the beginning of the month and some cute frogs c:

I hope you enjoyed this month’s sketches ^^ Heve a nice weekend!!

Anna ☃️

Sketchbook Tour - January 2023

06 Jun 2023

This post was originally published for Patrons on 6.02.2023

Hello! It’s time for a first sketchbook tour of this year! I gathered all sketches I did since beginning of the year here. I played around with different colouring styles in digital art and revisited some OCs I didn’t draw in a while.

I made the first image above while I tested shading with overlay layer only, I never relly used it for that but it gives pretty nice effects! Next there is a set of studies from photos posted by

Here I sketches Silverpea’s facial expressions, I want to draw her more but I feel like I need to find a better way to portray her first so it’s not too boring!

Next a small sneak peek of a Valentine’s Day themed illustartion of Edda and Barbe :D

I also did a few sketches of Ayame, she was my firest ever OC that I made when I was 13. I always drew her in cargo pants and t-shirts, so I wanted to explore some other outfits ^^ Here are: primary school uniform (and hair cut by herself), high-school uniform, winter outfit, pajamas, and hair tied up~

And last but not least, some sketches from AdorkaStock photos, becasue I love this reference set!!

And that’s all for this time!

Anna ☃️


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