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Sketchbook Tour - March 2023

06 Jun 2023

This post was originally published for Patrons on 11.04.2023

Hello everyone!

I hope you are doing well and enjoying spring :) It took me a little bit longer this month but the sketchbook tour is finally here - this time with a bunch of watercolour sketches!

This page was created when I saw a really pretty magpie on a walk, and after coming back I really wanted to draw magpies! I also felt some inspiration to take out my watercolours and I ended up enjong the process a lot ^^

The next day I sketched a few foxes and then my fursona ^-^

And after that I did a few sketches of newts. I don’t draw these much but I find them so cute!

The last one I have to show is a page of songbirds. I saw a Faepril challenge prompt list that I liked, I don’t think I’ll have time to draw much of faes but I still did the first prompt. Here are studies I did before attempting it:

And here is the Faepril prompt list by

That’s all for this time, I wish you a nice afternoon <3

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