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Sketchbook Tour - February 2023

13 Jun 2023

This post was originally published for Patrons on 4.03.2023

Hello! The spring is halfway here, there are a lot of warm days and it makes me happy to see all the flowers and animals come back! n_n

I feel like I didn’t draw as much last month, even though I made more illustartions than ususal ^^’ Maybe it’s because I was doing a lot of different things and it feel distant already? I started this month with sketching new characters, I relly like designign them and I ended up with two designs I like a lot. The first one is based on a mountain goat.

The other one is a catgirl, I made her just so I can draw some fun clothes ^-^ Here is the first colour sketch vs finished design

I did a few illustartions of her that I’m going to post later, but after that I spent most of my stime studying and reopening my online store with stickers :D I also made my first ever short video to show off the holo effect on them! I spent so much time figuring out where to find music for it, since most music I have collected doesn’t relly work in this format. After a few days I found a reddit thread where someone explained that you can get a shorts license for copyrighted music when you use youtube mobile app… I didn’t even think to check their app :’) I’ll give it a try next time I want to show something haha

(I have no idea how to add a video to a post so if you want to check it out here’s a link: )

I also took out my small marker sketchbook and did a few small brush pen and alcohol marker drawings in it. I think I never showed this sketchbook so I took photos of all pages for you ^^

As you can see from the dates I had this sketchbook for a while. It’s okay for markers so I use it only when I want to play with colouring rather than for regular sketches.

The next two are fanarts of two stim toys I had. They were so squishy and fun (and smelled nice), but unfortuantely I broke both of them pretty quick q_q Hence the prosthetic fin… I still have both but you can’t tell what they were xD Well here is how they looked brand new in March 2021:

And here is art of the foam squishies:

Pansies, one of my favourite types of flowers:

Petra (designed by @LovelyBugsieART on Twitter)

And a series of eeveelutions ^^ I only did four of them but maybe I will draw the rest of them someday. I also really liked the first one and I did a redraw digitally so I can print is as a sticker :D

And finally the most recent sketches, the character from the beginning of the month and some cute frogs c:

I hope you enjoyed this month’s sketches ^^ Heve a nice weekend!!

Anna ☃️


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