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Sketchbook Tour - January 2023

06 Jun 2023

This post was originally published for Patrons on 6.02.2023

Hello! It’s time for a first sketchbook tour of this year! I gathered all sketches I did since beginning of the year here. I played around with different colouring styles in digital art and revisited some OCs I didn’t draw in a while.

I made the first image above while I tested shading with overlay layer only, I never relly used it for that but it gives pretty nice effects! Next there is a set of studies from photos posted by

Here I sketches Silverpea’s facial expressions, I want to draw her more but I feel like I need to find a better way to portray her first so it’s not too boring!

Next a small sneak peek of a Valentine’s Day themed illustartion of Edda and Barbe :D

I also did a few sketches of Ayame, she was my firest ever OC that I made when I was 13. I always drew her in cargo pants and t-shirts, so I wanted to explore some other outfits ^^ Here are: primary school uniform (and hair cut by herself), high-school uniform, winter outfit, pajamas, and hair tied up~

And last but not least, some sketches from AdorkaStock photos, becasue I love this reference set!!

And that’s all for this time!

Anna ☃️


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